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L298 Stepper Motor L298N Driver Board Module

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L298 Stepper Motor L298N Driver Board Module

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L298 Stepper Motor L298N Driver Board Module

Module name  : dual H bridge motor drive module

Work mode      : H bridge drive (double road)
Main control chip  : L298N
Packaging      : electrostatic bag
Logical voltage  : 5V
Drive voltage  : 5v-35v
Logical current  : 0mA-36mA
Driving current  : 2A(MAX single bridge)
Storage temperature   : - 20 ℃ to + 135 ℃
Maximum power    : 25W
Weight     : 30 g
Peripheral dimensions : 43*43*27mm

Product features:
This module USES L298N as the main drive chip, with strong driving ability, low heat and strong anti-interference ability.

Through this module can use the built-in 78 m05 drive power supply parts of their work, but in order to avoid the voltage regulator chip damage, when using the driving voltage is greater than 12 v, please use the external power supply 5 v logic.

This module USES a large capacity filter capacitance, a continuation protection diode, can improve reliability.

1. When you are driving voltage (above logo for the 12 v input, can actually accept input range is 7 to 12 v) for 7 v to 12 v, can make to onboard power supply 5 v logic, when using the onboard after 5 v power supply, interface of + 5 v
The power supply does not input voltage, but can yield 5V voltage for external use.

2. When the driving voltage is higher than 12V, it is less than or equal to 24V
(the chip manual proposes to support 35V, but according to the book
When the maximum voltage is applied to the maximum voltage of 298 conservative applications to 24V, for example, the motor with a rated voltage of 18V shall be driven.
You must first remove the board 5V output to enable the jumper cap. Then 5V is accessed outside the 5V output port
The 5V enables the power to be a control signal with a level of 5V. When the signal input is valid, and when the power supply is normal in the motor drive module, the motor drive module outputs the current. Otherwise, even if the power supply is normal, there is no current on the motor.

Voltage to L298N internal logic circuit power supply. (this is a high-pressure, unconventional app!)

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