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RJMP-01-08 Linear Bearing Replacement Of LM8UU

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RJMP-01-08 Linear Bearing Replacement Of LM8UU

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RJMP-01-08 Linear Bearing. Olearn SKU: P416


RJMP-01-08 Linear Bearing Replacement Of LM8UU

Linear bearing for the replacement of LM8UU linear ball bearings, the features show you below.
1, Nice compatible with the LM8UU
2, A better resistance and a very low friction than LM8UU
3, A better tolerances than LM8UU, 
4, Quieter and smoother operation for your printers
5, Resistant to dirt, dust and moisture
6, Self-lubricating, Insensitive to shocks and vibrations

These features make the RJMP-01-08 bearing optical suitable for 3D printer and other small manufacturing machines. You can apply the RJMP-01-08 Linear Bearing for an ∅8mm smooth rod. These are very slim, and good for when you want to attach a motion carriage onto a railing without adding a lot of weight.  


Internal ∅8mm 
External ∅16mm 
Length 25mm

Please note the tolerances for this RJMP-01-08 is 0.00mm-0.05mm, if you want to use 0.03mm telerances RJMP-01-08, please get it directly from IGUS or let us make it for you which of course will cause MOQ.

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